Crown and Bridge


Crown also known as “cap” is used to restore function on a badly broken down tooth or teeth that previously have root canal done on them. It is not for cosmetic purpose. A crown is usually made of porcelain fused to semi-precious metal that offers full coverage to your own tooth to give it back its strength and to prevent any further fracturing of the tooth. In particular, root canal teeth tend to be weak and brittle so a crown is essential to protect them from vertical fracture during normal functioning. In area where esthetic is the concern, we can offer the all ceramic crown that is metal free. It allows light to transmit through like enamel and retains the natural appearance of the real tooth.


Bridge on the other hand is a fixed prosthesis utilizing the adjacent teeth as abutments to replace missing teeth without the need for surgery. It requires a certain amount of tooth reduction. It too is made with porcelain fused to semi-precious metal and is very strong and durable. The abutment teeth that are being reduced are covered under the bridge retainers and are well protected against cavity or sensitivity. Because it is not removable, it feels very comfortable in the mouth. You can also floss under the bridge using a small device called floss threader or simply a water flosser.