Gum disease is a very common dental problem that can be seen in almost nine out of ten people. It starts out with a little gum bleeding when you brush your teeth. Most of the time, there is no pain, no sign, or no symptom. However, the disease can slowly erode away the bone that supports the tooth causing the tooth to become loose. Left untreated, the tooth will eventually fall out.

As with all other diseases, gum disease is caused by bacteria that formed on the surface of the tooth. When it is soft, we call it plaque, When it is hard, we call it tartar. The initial treatment will focus on plaque and tartar removal. It is called scaling and root planing. Most of the early gum disease can be controlled after this treatment. In more advanced case where significant bone loss is evident and periodontal pockets exist, surgical intervention is necessary to eradicate the disease. Our office will provide both services to the patient. We also refer patients to periodontist for bone graft, bone regeneration or full mouth surgery.