Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the most cosmetic service dentistry can provide to the patient. It consists of a series of thin layer of strong porcelains that are directly bonded onto your front teeth. It can make the teeth appear whiter, it can close the gaps between the front teeth, it can improve slightly misaligned teeth to make them look straighter, it can increase the length of the teeth and give you a better smile curve. The application is endless. Usually, the procedure requires a minimum of 0.5 mm tooth reduction to accommodate for the thickness of the veneer without overbulking the tooth. In some cases, it may not even need tooth reduction, such as the no-prep veneer. The cosmetic result veneers created is superior than bonding and is long lasting. It won’t collect stains and is easy to maintain. The procedure usually takes 2 sessions to complete.