Endodontic treatment is used to save tooth when cavity exposes the pulp or when the nerve is dead and the tooth is infected. Tooth does not need the pulp to function. The pulp is only responsible for early tooth formation. Once enamel and dentin is formed, the pulp is no longer needed. It will only give you pain sensation. So when the pulp is exposed, inflamed or infected, the tooth will have excruciating pain. As long as the gum and the bone around the tooth is healthy, we can save the tooth by doing a root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is essentially a microsurgery to remove the entire pulp from each of the root. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. We use an electronic device to measure the length of the root, then set the instruments to the exact length and manually clean the canal with a disinfecting solution to remove all the organic tissues and bacteria. Afterwards, we will place a medicament inside the tooth for disinfection. At the second visit, we will seal the canals with gutta percha, a biocompatible filling material to ensure no leakage and to place a final restoration. Most of the root canal tooth will eventually need a crown for proper functioning.